Fast Food Cafe #1 in Vinnitsa

What is a good fast food? - A large selection of simple ingredients, pleasant taste and hearty food at an affordable price. The best way to dine for an office worker or a student probably has not yet come up with it.

We invite you to visit our establishment, to feel the atmosphere of the burger GURU KEBAB and to ourselves to make sure that we prepare for you with love!

We are the first in Vinnitsa to offer kebab from veal (shawarma).


In GURU KEBAB you will be offered a large selection of sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, pita bread, pockets of bread with different fillings
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Fast and delicious

Fast and delicious

The original taste, selection of rolls and appetizing fillings are exactly what burger lovers are waiting for. Sweet cheeseburgers with delicate cheeses, delicious hamburgers and branded offers from our cooks - that's what awaits visitors. Only one species is able to awaken an unusual appetite. Try this original, unmatched taste and you!
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Mon - Sun

09:30 - 22:30 clock 


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066 734 44 05

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